Testimonials from Select Customers

“TPS has been and continues to be a stellar supplier by providing customized battery packs of superior quality at very competitive pricing.

Despite world-wide cell allocations and electronics component shortages due to tsunamis and factory fires, TPS repeatedly found ways to ship product on time. TPS was an invaluable resource in new product development starting in the engineering design phase through DOT testing and continued to proactively work to find additional cost savings throughout the life cycle of our products. TPS values long term partnerships and works to achieve win-win scenarios for both themselves and their customers.

THANK YOU TPS for jobs well done and your continued support”.

–Susan, Specialty Computer Manufacturer

“We have been doing business with Technical Power Systems (TPS) for close to 2 years now. We approached TPS at a point in time when we had both quality and supply issues with our primary supplier.

The product in question was a NiMH battery assembly and we were starting to lose customers and sales as a result of our on-going supply issues. Less than a week after forwarding our drawings and technical specifications to TPS, we received pricing and a delivery schedule that was better than what we ever could have hoped for. Our sales rep has a customer satisfaction focus and was in constant communication with our company as production progressed. All deliveries were on schedule and we did not have a single quality or technical problem with any of battery packs produced by TPS. As a result of their outstanding performance on this order, we asked them to quote on another competitive procurement for a smaller lithium battery pack. Their pricing was slightly higher than their competitors but with the value we have learned to place on on-time delivery and product quality, the procurement was awarded to TPS.

To date, they have delivered over 20,000 battery packs and once again, they met all our delivery expectations and we have not seen a single quality problem. This is a great company to work with and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality product, excellent customer service and on-time performance.”

–Robert, Specialty Medical Manufacturer

“We found and selected Technical Power Systems in 2010 to perform a battery rework project that included assembly, test and charging activities. The experience was so positive that we explored other opportunities where TPS could help our business.

Today, TPS is our sole supplier for all custom battery assemblies and they provide direct customer fulfillment services for all of our spare battery kit orders. Our engineering team utilizes TPS as their “go to” technical resource for specifying, analyzing or selecting new battery solutions. It has been refreshing to find a supplier that is a conscientious, consistent and reliable partner. Over the past 2 years, they have never missed a customer order and have always delivered every special request. Additionally, we have never had a customer return or quality complaint. TPS earned our business through hard work and excellent service and as a result, have evolved to be one of our strategic suppliers.”

–Curt, Specialty Sensor Manufacturer

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