TPS Is Ready to Help on Your Battery Project Needs

Thanks for looking into Technical Power Systems for your battery project needs. We’re happy to help you on your search for the right portable power solution.

Know a bit about what you need for a custom solution already? Go ahead and request a quote here.

Want to get to market faster? See our off-the-shelf battery solutions here.

Have some questions about how to get started? Click to read, “Need a Custom Battery Pack? Know These 5 Critical Details First.”

We look forward to talking with you.

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About Najib Habiby

Najib Habiby brings 35 years of battery experience to the market in various disciplines including Manufacturing Supervision, Engineering Management, Quality Assurance and Sales and Marketing. Najib holds a degree in Chemical Engineering (BSChE) from Cleveland State University and an MBA from Illinois Benedictine University, and has worked at such industry players as Jbro Batteries and Union Carbide.